Intrasonics technology turns passive exposure into engaged participation.

With Intrasonics every marketing message is experiential - boosting recall and connecting brands with customers.

The engagement unlocked by our mobile solutions builds customer loyalty and brand engagement.

Audio recognition delivers customers to your preferred retail channel at the moment of purchase intent. It’s not just for smartphones, Intrasonics is optimised for the internet of things powering interactive toys and smart home devices.

Loyalty Apps

Intrasonics is ideal for tracking audience loyalty.
As consumers watch or listen, their attention is passively logged for later reward.

Experiential Marketing

Intrasonics has the power to surprise and delight. Using sound to synchronise interactions enables creatively innovative social experiences.

Connected Advertising

Connect with consumers directly and personally.
Track both passive exposures and active engagements.

Internet of Things

Intrasonics technology works brilliantly on low-powered microprocessors too, enhancing the connectivity of IoT devices.

Case Studies

Some innovative uses of our technology

What Our Customers Say...

Photo of Jeroen Lemaire

"When we saw that our users were baffled about the way that the app ran in perfect sync with the television, we knew we had a hit on our hands. This created the kind of magic that gets people excited."

Photo of Steve Watt

"I’ve got people waiting to watch my ads and paying full attention, rather than just being part of a normal commercial break when people typically try to avoid ads."

Photo of Tony Barlow

"The Game On app will really enhance consumer enjoyment of the Tennis at home in a way that has never been done before. And of course, such an innovative and technologically advanced idea matches perfectly with Kia’s core brand values."

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