From Music to Movies, TV to Live Events if you can hear it we can connect it.

Intrasonics can identify anything with a soundtrack and connect it to your application.

Interactive games and quizzes synchronise with split second precision unattainable by other methods.

With Intrasonics your content becomes the key to unlock exclusive content and offers building in loyalty.

Our analytics reveal unprecedented insights into when, where and how users engage with your content.

Live Events

Add Intrasonics to your next live event. Our audio watermarking technology works well indoors and outdoors over PA systems.

TV & Music

Uniquely audio watermark the media you distribute for piracy detection or embed audio triggers for interactive companion content.

Movies & Cinema

Ask cinema-goers to turn their phone ON during your pre-show advert and engage a captive audience.


Intrasonics technology works brilliantly on low-powered microprocessors too, enhancing the functionality of smart toys.

Case Studies

Some innovative uses of our technology

What Our Customers Say...

Photo of Jeroen Lemaire

"When we saw that our users were baffled about the way that the app ran in perfect sync with the television, we knew we had a hit on our hands. This created the kind of magic that gets people excited."

Photo of Michiel de Gooijer

"The opportunities we foresee with this technology really are limitless; it enables us and our clients to take audience engagement to the next level."

Photo of Simon Shaw

"We’re delighted to welcome the companion screen experience to the Antiques Roadshow. Now our viewers will be able to really test their skills at playing the valuation guessing game and seeing how well they do against the rest of the nation."

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